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Federal – Disaster Assistance Equity Act Promotes Fairness in Disaster Relief

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Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) introduced a legislative change to the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (“Stafford Act”) in October 2015 (HR 3863 – Disaster Assistance Equity Act).  HR 3863 provides that community associations are eligible for federal assistance following a disaster that would include debris removal and cleanup.

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Virginia – Proffer Reform Legislation (SB649) Passes House of Delegates

Restrictions on development proffers move closer to becoming law in Va.

Legislation that would restrict what local governments in Virginia can ask of home builders moved a step closer to becoming law Tuesday, despite heated opposition from officials in Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun counties. In a 72-26 vote, the state House of Delegates approved a version of the reforms to the state’s so-called proffer system that had already passed the Senate.

With some holdouts remaining, proffer bill again passes House

Major changes to the way local governments extract cash and other concessions from residential developers moved closer to becoming law Tuesday as the House of Delegates approved the Senate version of a bill to reform the state’s proffer system.

Proffer debate gets local attention

HANOVER – The Virginia General Assembly is moving forward with its attempt to revamp and revise state regulations on Virginia proffer guidelines.

District of Columbia – What’s wrong with D.C. condo owner bill of rights?

What’s wrong with D.C. condo owner bill of rights?

D.C. Council members are studying a controversial measure that would provide new protections for homeowners who are facing foreclosure by condominium associations for failure to pay monthly fees. We are a litigious society, with hundreds of lawsuits filed daily on issues ranging from pets to parking, paint jobs to patios.

Virginia – Bill to Help Homeowners’ Associations

Bill to Help Homeowners’ AssociationsDel. Eileen Filler-Corn (D-41), working with constituents, has spearheaded legislation aimed at helping many residents of her district and across Virginia. The 41st District contains several self-managed homeowners’ associations, made up of volunteers in the community working in the best interests of their shared neighborhood.

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