Colorado – HOA President Arrested For Theft

HOA President Arrested For TheftThe developer and HOA president of Prairie Vista Meadows has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including theft. Craig McConnell’s alleged crimes came to light after a family said they were being bullied for asking questions. The Meier Family has been living in their home for three years, and they said that the majority of the time has been a battle with their HOA.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado – HOA President Arrested For Theft”

  1. Why are these false accusations being put into the media when none of this is true? I know first hand that all of this is a lie and can’t figure out why this is being published. He is being made to look like a criminal when they haven’t even gone to court yet. I’d love to see the proof when nothing even exists!

  2. The accusations have not been proven false. That’s for the court to decide.

    As for him being made to look like a criminal…what was it that was once said? Perception is reality more often than not.

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