National – Clothesline Bans Void in 19 States

Clothesline Bans Void in 19 States | Sightline DailySurprise! For millions, state laws hang community rules out to dry. As we and others have said, hundreds of thousands of people across Cascadia-and tens of millions across the United States-live where homeowners associations (HOAs) (or apartment or condo rules) ban clotheslines.

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  1. I’ve seen many internet references to the “Clotheseline Ban Void in 19 States” but have yet to see how someone in California, for example (one of the states listed as having “protection” but no official law making the rule void), can actually test this without it costing a fortune in legal fees. My husband and I are considering purchasing a home in a 55+ community that bans clotheslines and I’d sure like to be the new young rebel — but I want to know what I’m exposing us to in terms of cost and hassle.

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