National – Will the Market Dictate Continued Livestock Restrictions?


Last week I retweeted a link from the Urban Land Institute’s twitter page about the increase in the number of “agrihoods.”  And, although we have seen an increase in farming and gardening amenities, we have not seen a shift from pet restrictions – many restrictive covenants still prohibit animals other than orderly, domestic pets.

Real estate developers have been slow to embrace livestock in their restrictive covenants.  An article from (link after the jump) may explain why…

If the opinions in the article are true, will the market continue to dictate continued livestock restrictions?

Pig in the City: Do Porkies Quash Real Estate Values? – Real Estate News and Advice –

People love their (sometimes) adorable animal companions, whether they’re cats, canines, chinchillas, cockatoos, or … pigs. Selected farm animals have indeed become all the rage lately as domestic pets. But while they may look almost unbearably cute and cuddly as babies, the bucolic beasts don’t always make the best neighbors off the farm-especially once they’re fully grown.

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