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Virginia – 2017 General Assembly Update for Community Associations – Adjournment Sine Die

March 2, 2017 (Reprinted from Vandeventer Black’s Community Association Newsletter)

 This past Saturday, February 25, 2017, the Virginia General Assembly adjourned sine die and will not reconvene again until the “veto” session is scheduled for April 5, 2017.

In all, 2,959 bills and resolutions were introduced during the 2017 session and 242 bills were carried over from the 2016 session.  Of the bills considered, 1,773 were passed by both the Senate and the House of Delegates and forwarded to the Governor for signature.  A total of 1,428 bills failed.  The Governor has already vetoed seven bills and more may still veto more over the next few weeks.

Although some would classify this year’s session, a session immediately following to a Presidential election and immediately prior to a statewide election, as “uneventful,” Vandeventer Black attorneys tracked almost 80 bills affecting community associations during the 2017 session.

Of those 80 bills, we more closely monitored 28 bills directly affecting community associations.  But, all in all, there are few significant changes affecting Virginia community associations, as described below:  Continue reading Virginia – 2017 General Assembly Update for Community Associations – Adjournment Sine Die

Ohio – Dam breach could threaten golf course

Stowsentry.com – Dam breach could threaten golf courseStow city officials have been advised of a breach in the retention dam in The Meadows subdivision, north of the Silver Lake Country Club golf course.Mike Miller, service director for the city of Stow, told City Council May 24 that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources inspected the dam and advised that a heavy rain could cause flooding.Miller said at this time no one is in danger, but in the event of a heavy rainfall, the dam that slows the flow of the water wouldn't be effective.