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Virginia – New Development Under Construction at Duck-In Site


Condos, apartments going up where Duck-In parties were held in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH Maybe you were there for the last beach party at the Duck-In more than a decade ago. Brian Viau was. People packed into the gazebo with the blue roof and boaters beached along the shoreline for cold beer and dazzling sunsets where the Chesapeake Bay meets Lynnhaven Inlet.

It’s easy to forget that development sites had a long history before their current use. ¬†Incorporating existing, iconic elements into the new development plan ties together generations.

One remnant of the Duck-In will live on for the condominium residents. The gazebo, built in the late 1980s, is still standing and will be renovated.”

Virginia – Association told to fix condo balconies

Association told to fix condo balconies | HamptonRoads.com | PilotOnline.comA judge has ruled that Effingham Green Condominium associations are responsible for repairs of faulty balconies identified a year ago, according to court records. In June, the city filed an injunction against the associations and six owners who still have not sufficiently repaired the balconies, court and inspection reports show.

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