Virginia – Approved Minutes of December 2015 Common Interest Community Board Now Available

December 2015 Common Interest Community Board Minutes

Minutes from the December 2015 Common Interest Community Board meeting were approved yesterday and are now available.

Of significance were several disciplinary matters:

  • Monetary penalty of $1,000.00 and costs of $150.00 imposed against Lake Princess Anne Condominium Association, by consent, for failure to adopt a complaint procedure.  If the Association provides evidences of adoption of a complaint procedure within 90 days, $900.00 will be waived.
  • Temporary Cease and Desist Orders were approved against RJP, LLC (declarant of Seahorse Cove Condominium) and Crosscreek, LLC (declarant of Crosscreek Condominium) for failure to submit annual reports and bond/letters of credit verification forms as required by Section 55-79.93 of the Condominium Act.

The CICB also adopted the Best Practices for Property Owners’ Associations:

Best Practices for POA Declarations adopted by CICB 12/10/15

The Best Practices are the result of House Bill 1632, passed in 2015,  which amended Section 54.1-2349 of the Code of Virginia.

Section 54.1-2349 requires the Common Interest Community Board (Board) to “develop and publish best practices for the content of declarations consistent with the requirements of the Property Owners’ Association Act (§ 55- 508 et seq.).”

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