Virginia – Fredericksburg Association requests City utilize undeveloped, profferred land


What happens to land proffered during development that is not used by the locality? Usually, nothing.

In 2003 Fredericksburg proffered (required the developer give to the City) a 27-acre site for use as a high school during the development of The Village of Idlewild.  Instead of building a new school on the site, the City rebuilt its James Monroe High School on the existing property.

Now, the City owns several vacant lots within the Village of Idlewild and community association volunteer leaders are asking city officials to put at least one of the lots to better use – to build a park for use by City residents.

A meeting between City officials and community association volunteers leaders is scheduled for April 30 at 5 pm at the Idlewild Clubhouse.

Idlewild HOA wants Fredericksburg to build pocket park in subdivision

The Village of Idlewild will meet with city officials at 5 p.m. April 30 in Idlewild Clubhouse. Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Police Chief David Nye and Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Director Jane Shelhorse have been invited to discuss a number of issues, including the possibility of building a pocket park on one of the vacant city-owned lots in the subdivision.


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