Va. Regulatory Guidance Documents

The Virginia Common Interest Community Board, Real Estate Board and Fair Housing Board occasionally develop documents providing information or guidance on topics of general applicability to the staff or public that interpret or implement statutes or the Board’s rules or regulations.  These “guidance documents” are available through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website and a collection of the guidance documents are linked below.

Document ID Title and Link Document Summary Date Posted
6045 Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals The purpose of this guidance document is to address issues regarding the “verification” of reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals, particularly those assistance animals that provide emotional support or other seemingly untrained assistance to persons with a disability. 3/1/17
5897 Best Practices for POAA Declarations The purpose of this document is to offer guidance on best practices for the content of declarations for property owners’ associations. 1/19/16
5311 Maximum Fees for Disclosure Packets & Resale Certificates Preparation Document addresses specific maximum allowable fees set by the Condominium Act and Property Owners Association Act that may be charged by the preparer of disclosure packets and resale certificates 7/1/14
5308 Letters of Credit in Lieu of Bonds Document addresses the acceptance of Letters of Credit in lieu of Bonds to comply with Section 55-79.84:1 of the Condominium Act. 7/8/13
5049 Regarding the Requirement to Obtain and Maintain a Separate Fidelity Bond or Insurance Policy Requirement to obtain and maintain a separate fidelity bond or insurance policy required for Common Interest Community Managers to comply with Section 54.1-2346.D of the Code of Virginia and 18 VAC 48-50-30.E of the Board Regulations. 9/28/12
5048 Applicability of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations on solely commercial condominiums The Board determined that the definition of association, as set forth in §55-528 is not intended to include commercial condominiums, the Board does not have jurisdiction over commercial condominiums, and there will be no action taken by the Board if a commercial condominium does not implement and adopt a complaint process under the CIC Ombudsman Regulations. 9/28/12
4382 Definition of “Employee” as used in Section 54.1-2347 A of Code of Virginia The exceptions and exemptions from common interest community manager licensure contained in Chapter 23.3 of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia include “an employee of an association from providing management services for that association’s common interest community.” As used in this context, the factors as contained in Internal Revenue Service Revenue Ruling 87-41 shall be used to determine whether an individual is an employee. 1/3/11
4190 Evidence of Proper Fidelity Bond or Dishonesty Insurance and Sufficient Coverage Obtained by CIC Manager Applicant Amount and informational requirements on bond insurance coverage obtained by CIC Manager Applicants as a condition of licensure. 3/15/10


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